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How We Operate

How We Operate


Headquartered in Surabaya and with a representative office in Jakarta, the Company produces its cigarettes in seven owned manufacturing facilities including two Machine-Made Kretek Cigarette (SKM) production facilities in Pasuruan (East Java) and Karawang (West Java), and five Hand-Rolled Kretek Cigarette (SKT) production facilities: three in Surabaya and one each in Malang and Probolinggo.

In addition to its owned manufacturing facilities, Sampoerna partners with 38 third-party operators (TPOs) to produce Sampoerna’s SKT products.

The Company sells and distributes cigarettes through 106 Company’s sales offices and distribution offices

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Sampoerna employees consistently strive to create positive value for our stakeholders through hard work in order to achieve the best results. In achieving this goal, all of our employees are required to act with sincerity and integrity, as well as fully comply with prevailing laws and our company policies.

The compliance establishes the DNA of the Company culture and it applies to all levels in the organization.

How We Operate


Retail Access Prevention for Children Program (PAPRA)

We believe that tobacco manufacturers can take a role to prevent children from smoking.

As part of our efforts, in cooperation with both traditional and modern retailers, we have created and implemented the Retail Access Prevention Program (RAPP). The program aims to raise awareness with our business partners, retailers and the public about the need to prevent cigarette sales to children below 18 years of age. The RAPP is implemented through educational activities with our business partners. This includes placing youth smoking prevention stickers, wobblers and tent cards in retail shops.

Further, the Sampoerna sales team reiterates the messages to our retail partners during their visits to the outlets. All of these communications refer to requirements in Government Regulation No. 109/2012 related to the prohibition of the purchase, sale and consumption of cigarettes by children under 18 years old. The RAPP started in 2013 and to date, the program expanded to tens of thousands sales outlets throughout Indonesia.

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