May 12, 2020

To Support the Extension of Greater Surabaya's Large-scale Social Restriction (PSBB) Period, Sampoerna Pauses Production Activities for the Next 3 Weeks

Surabaya, May 11, 2020 - PT HM Sampoerna Tbk. (Sampoerna) has decided to pause production activities temporarily in two factories located in Surabaya, namely Rungkut 1 and Rungkut 2 until June 1, 2020. Production activities will resume on June 2, 2020.

This decision has been coordinated with the Government and Task Force of Surabaya City and East Java Province with comprehensive consideration to ensure successful implementation of Greater Surabaya's large-scale social restriction (PSBB) period that will be extended to another 14 days in order to curbing and preventing the spread of COVID-19 in Surabaya. This decision will allow all Sampoerna’s employees located in Surabaya to remain at home during the PSBB extension period, which also coincides with the Idul Fitri period. Even though all Sampoerna employees in Surabaya will temporarily stop working, they will continue to receive their regular salaries in full, including their festive bonus (THR).

Director of Sampoerna, Elvira Lianita expressed her appreciation for the support given to Sampoerna. "We thank all parties, especially the government and the Task Forces, who have provided constant support and assistance in working together to curb and prevent the spread of COVID-19. Our decision to pause production activities for the next three weeks is to support efforts to reduce the spread of COVID-19 transmission in Surabaya.”

She continued, "Sampoerna has two main focuses at this time, the first is giving our best effort and providing support for employees affected by COVID-19, ensuring they receive proper medical care and that they can recover soon. And the second focus is to provide positive enthusiasm, motivation and education for all employees to comply with all health and safety protocols while implementing healthy lifestyles as recommended by the Government."

With temporary suspension of 2 production facilities in Surabaya, Sampoerna guarantees product supply and availability. Currently, 4 other Sampoerna production facilities are still operating. Along with that, Sampoerna is committed to ensuring the highest quality and brand integrity of our products for adult consumers through implementation of strict health protocols and Good Manufacturing Practices. All Sampoerna’s production facilities have obtained operational and industrial activity mobility permits (IOMKI). Sampoerna also periodically reports on its industrial activities to the Ministry of Industry.

Elvira also explained, besides maintaining the health and safety of employees, Sampoerna is also committed in ensuring the economic stability of its employees. Elvira conveyed Sampoerna's commitment not to carry out any termination of employment during this pandemic period and provide full salaries, including their festive bonus (THR).

"Sampoerna's commitment on the implementation of strict health protocols, as well as guaranteed work stability and employee income, is in line with the Government's call for all parties to work together, help each other and make the best effort in order for Indonesia to immediately recover from COVID-19 pandemic situation while maintaining social and economic stability," she said.

Sampoerna emphasized its commitment to participate actively and provide the best efforts for employees, business partners, adult consumers, and the society at large in the form of corporate contribution to help support Indonesia.

Thank you.
Elvira Lianita
PT HM Sampoerna Tbk.


Sampoerna's commitment and efforts to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in all office areas and production facilities.

Since the Government of Indonesia declared the COVID-19 pandemic emergency response in mid-March 2020, Sampoerna has made various efforts in accordance with the recommendations of the Government of Indonesia and the World Health Organization (WHO). Some steps taken and implemented are as follows:

For production employees:

  • Limit access to production facilities;
  • Check body temperature when employees entering the office/production area;
  • Improve hygiene and sanitation action protocols by spraying disinfectants regularly in all production areas and public facilities;
  • Provide and enforce to wear masks and hand sanitizers;
  • Implement sunbathing/exercise activities for employees;
  • Implement a compartment work system to reduce employee interaction;
  • Implement physical-distancing in all areas and production facilities such as canteens, places of worship, and other gathering areas. This also applies to employee transportation mode provided by the company.
  • Provide vitamin/milk/healthy food for employees
  • Distributing disinfectant liquids to all factory employees so that they can spray disinfectants independently in their respective homes;
  • Provide information that emphasizes the importance of maintaining personal hygiene;
  • For non-production employees:

  • Implement a work from home policy from March 16, 2020;
  • Reduce business travel;
  • Cancel physical meetings/interactions and conduct online discussions instead;
  • Remind to always maintain personal hygiene and maintain social/physical distance.
  • Whereas for some non-production employees who are responsible for critical business functions and still have to work, Sampoerna has also implemented various prevention measures, including:

  • Ensure hygiene and sanitation action protocols such as providing personal protective equipment including masks and hand sanitizers;
  • Adjusting business operations by minimizing site visits and only focusing on in call missions. Other requests are made online;
  • Routinely spray disinfectants in offices and other related production facilities and operational vehicles.
  • Furthermore, as a preventive measure for employees who might be vulnerable to be exposed of COVID-19, Sampoerna requires all employees who are pregnant as well as employees aged 50 years and over to work from home.

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