Compliance Standards and Integrity

Code of Ethics


Sampoerna has adopted PMI’s Code of Conduct documented in the Guidebook for Success (“Guidebook”), which applies to the Board of Commissioners, Board of Directors, and all employees. The Guidebook integrates all the elements of the Sampoerna governance program, and establishes the DNA of the Company culture for all levels in the organization.

The Guidebook describes the fundamental beliefs and attributes that unite and guide the Company in pursuing Sampoerna’s goals in a manner consistent with prevailing laws and regulations. These beliefs and attributes reflect Sampoerna’s commitment to society, its shareholders, business partners, and above all, they provide a clear roadmap to the employees on how Sampoerna will function as a company.

The commitment is honored irrespective of the challenges and pressures that Sampoerna faces in the business as this is viewed as the only way to secure sustainable growth. The Boards and employees are committed to provide honest feedback and raise concerns when and as circumstances arise.


As examples, the Guidebook covers the following beliefs and attributes:

1. Workplace Integrity

2. Conflicts of Interest

3. Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption

4. Fiscal and Trade

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