Good Agricultural Practices

Partnership Program with Tobacco Farmers


Sampoerna implemented a partnership program called "the Integrated Production Systems" through tobacco suppliers who establish direct contracts with tobacco farmers. Farmers are provided with technical, financial and social support, ranging from planning, farming, to sales. The Integrated Production System program has been implemented since 2009.

When it was first implemented, there were only 5,000 farmers participated with an area of about 6,000 square hectares. In 2017, the number of participating farmers has reached 27,500 people with a land area of 24,000 square hectares. The focus of tobacco farming through the Integrated Production Systems are:


  1. Implementation of Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) and the Agricultural Labor Practices (ALP) Code.
  2.  Product integrity which includes reduction of Non-Tobacco Related Materials (NTRM) and crop protective residues.
  3. Improvement of the tobacco supply chain through the Integrated Production System.
  4. Sustainable tobacco production to meet domestic needs.
Fakta Kemitraan Pertanian Tembakau

GAP consists of three main pillars, namely:


To reduce the impact of tobacco farming on the environment: water, forests and energy.



To encourage a profitable tobacco farming mechanism in terms of quality, productivity and integrity.


3. People

To gradually address the labor-related issues in agriculture, including the prevention of child labor, and ensure a safe and fair work environment.

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Training Programs
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Agricultural Labor Practices 

We have created specific guidelines titled the Agricultural Labor Practices Guidelines (or ALP). Through ALP practices, we intend to ensure that farm labors in tobacco production have obtained the security, welfare and protection from labor issues.

Sampoerna cooperates with suppliers and farmers to run the ALP program. We have completed the first phase of ALP which is a communication and education phase for farmers on ALP issues. The next process will focus on the supervision and assistance of Field Technicians on the sensitivity of farmers in addressing ALP issues.

“Sampoerna is committed to eliminating child labor in tobacco farming areas, especially where Sampoerna sources its tobacco. This is a part of the Agricultural Labor Practices implementation.”

  • Ervin Laurence Pakpahan, Head of Stakeholders, Regional Relations, & CSR

Taking a Stand Against Child Labor

We implement employment policies from our parent company, PMI, which sets a minimum age limit and prohibits forced labor in all our offices and factories throughout Indonesia.

Sampoerna for Indonesia is supporting the declaration of our stance through the After School Program (ASP) which has entered its third year and has succeeded in reducing the involvement of elementary school children in tobacco plantations by up to 90%.

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