Sampoerna Conducts Gotong Royong Vaccination for 38,000 Employees at 42 Locations in Indonesia

Sampoerna and thousands of its employees continue their participation in the Gotong Royong vaccination program to prevent and mitigate the spread of COVID-19 in Indonesia and facilitating national economic recovery.

Jakarta, 23 July 2021 – As part of PT HM Sampoerna Tbk. (Sampoerna)'s commitment to vaccinate all 65,000 of its direct and indirect employees, Sampoerna continues to take part in the Gotong Royong vaccination program for 38,000 employees. This program is a concerted effort by the Government of Indonesia with the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KADIN) to support access to COVID-19 vaccination for businesses and their employees.

"The gotong royong vaccination program is one of KADIN's initiatives to contribute to the nation and help the Government recover from the pandemic so that the national economy can also rise along with it. This program is our support for the government in achieving herd immunity. We appreciate Sampoerna's commitment to protecting its employees from the threat of COVID-19 through independent vaccinations. Moreover, we encourage other companies to participate in our movement, "Perang Melawan Pandemi" (War Against the Pandemic). In this movement, we seek to help fulfill oxygen needs and the needs of emergency hospitals," said Arsjad Rasjid, the new KADIN Chairman appointed on 7 July 2021.

Sampoerna has carried out the second phase of independent vaccinations between 3-16 July 2021, vaccinating 8,000 employees at 42 facilities across 33 districts/cities, including at Sampoerna's production facilities in Pasuruan, Probolinggo, and Malang.  

Sampoerna also consistently encourages employees to follow health protocols and get vaccinated, either through the Gotong Royong vaccination program or the government's vaccination program. At the same time, Sampoerna continues to make an effort to secure vaccination for all Sampoerna's employees as allocated in the Gotong Royong program or through the government's program. Furthermore, KADIN has allocated the third phase of Gotong Royong vaccination for Sampoerna, scheduled to vaccinate 30,000 Sampoerna employees starting from the end of July 2021. 

Meanwhile, KADIN Deputy Chairwoman Shinta Kamdani said, "In addition to accelerating vaccination process for companies registered in the Gotong Royong program, KADIN also provides Gotong Royong vaccination centers to facilitate access to vaccines and to accelerate national economic recovery. We collaborate with businesses in providing vaccination centers, including with Sampoerna. The vaccination center with Sampoerna in Karawang industrial area vaccinated over 10,000 employees in the area."

Sampoerna President Director Mindaugas Trumpaitis said, "Our current priority is to support the vaccination program to protect employees, as well as to support the government's target to accelerate vaccine roll-out, which in turn can support the national economic recovery. We truly appreciate the government and KADIN's effort in providing independent vaccination through the Gotong Royong program."

Aside from vaccination, Sampoerna enforces strict health and sanitary protocols and adapts to the new normal standards in running its business activities. This is done following the COVID-19 Health Protocols for businesses issued by the Government and the COVID-19 National Task Force. Specifically to safeguard product quality and brand integrity, we continuously apply strict protocols to quarantine our products for 5 (five) days prior to distribution – almost twice as long as recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the European Centers for Disease Prevention and Control (European CDC).

"The pandemic is not over yet, and we are committed to continue playing our part in supporting national economic recovery, in part through supporting vaccination programs and by consistently applying strict health protocols," Mindaugas concluded.


About PT HM Sampoerna Tbk. (Sampoerna)

Established in 1913, Sampoerna – an affiliate of Philip Morris International Inc. – is the leading Indonesian tobacco company, focusing primarily on manufacturing and trading clove cigarettes. Sampoerna produces some of the best-known kretek (clove) cigarette brand families such as Sampoerna A, the legendary “King of Kretek” Dji Sam Soe, Sampoerna U and Sampoerna Kretek. Sampoerna also distributes the Marlboro cigarette brand throughout Indonesia, through a long-term distribution agreement with PT Philip Morris Indonesia.

Sampoerna operates six production facilities located in Surabaya, Pasuruan, Probolinggo, Malang, dan Karawang. Sampoerna partners with 38 Third-Party Operators in Java, employing – directly and indirectly -- a total of approximately 65,000 employees, mostly in the production of hand-rolled clove cigarettes. Sampoerna distributes its products through 112 sales and distribution area offices across Indonesia.

Sampoerna is one of the largest issuers by market capitalization on the Indonesian Stock Exchange, where it trades under the ticker symbol "HMSP."

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