August 16, 2021

MSMEs thrive through the implementation of SNI

Sampoerna together with INOTEK Foundation, Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs, and the National Standardization Agency of Indonesia are pushing the implementation of SNI to improve the competitiveness of MSMEs. 

Jakarta, 16 August 2021 – Indonesian Technology Innovation Foundation (INOTEK) together with PT HM Sampoerna Tbk. (Sampoerna) commemorated the National MSME Day and the Independence Day of Indonesia by a national seminar titled UMKM “Bangkit Melalui Penerapan SNI” (MSMEs Thrive Through SNI Implementation) as the opening event for the #BangkitWirausaha MSME Festival that would be held on 18-22 August 2021. 

The national seminar is aimed to raise the spirit of MSMEs to improve their product quality to improve competitiveness and acquiring knowledge on the implementation and certification of the Indonesia National Standard (SNI). Aside from improving quality, SNI also creates a trust for the consumers and in ensuring the health, safety, and security of the products for the users. 

Chairman of National Standardization Agency of Indonesia (BSN), Kukuh S. Achmad, said that in accordance with the Law Number of 2014 on Standardization and Suitability Assessment, BSN is working with ministries, agencies, and/or other related parties to assist and facilitate SNI certification for MSMEs so that the MSMEs can be more competitive and able to compete in the international stage. 

“Product standardization for MSMEs is an effort to maintain the product quality and business efficiency. If the MSMEs are standardized, then they could strengthen their competitiveness and they will be capable to go global”, said Ilham Habibie, INOTEK Foundation Advisory Board Chairman.

Echoing Ilham's statement, Fiki Satari, Special Staff for Creative Economy Empowerment to the Minister of Cooperatives and SMEs (KUKM) representing the KUKM Minister Teten Masduki, said that standardization is important for MSMEs to be able to compete in the global and domestic markets. This also represents the support from the government to improve the competitiveness of MSMEs in the national and global level. “We appreciate the cooperation between parties through this program to support MSMEs in Indonesia,” said Fiki.

Sampoerna Head of External Affairs Ishak Danuningrat, reiterated Sampoerna’s commitment in supporting the development of MSMEs especially in order to survive and grow amidst the pandemic. “Through the sustainability program Sampoerna untuk Indonesia, we are committed to support MSMEs to keep growing as one of the main drivers of the national economy,” added Ishak.

This activity is a part of the Build Back National Economy Better (BBNEB) Program, a collaborative program by INOTEK and Sampoerna untuk Indonesia aimed at supporting the entrepreneurs and MSMEs as the foundation of the nation’s economy that has been affected by COVID-19 pandemic. The BBNEB program is designed to support the people’s economic recovery by providing assistance for MSMEs to adapt amidst the limitations enforced by the social restrictions.

In the implementation of the BBNEB Program, INOTEK and Sampoerna collaborated with several strategic partners, including the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government, Karawang Regency Government, Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs, National Standardization Agency of Indonesia, and the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy. The BBNEB program has provided assistance for more than 500 MSMEs with the focus on commercializing the products to improve the welfare and standard of living for the MSMEs.


About Sampoerna Untuk Indonesia

Sampoerna untuk Indonesia is the umbrella of PT HM Sampoerna Tbk.’s sustainability program containing the company’s commitment and contribution in supporting the government to achieve the vision of Indonesia that is sovereign, independent, and with character based on mutual cooperation (gotong royong) through four key pillars: development of micro, small, and medium enterprises; improving farmers’ welfare; supporting the national economic recovery; and supporting the Industrial Revolution 4.0.

About Indonesia Technology Innovation Foundation

Indonesian Technology Innovation Foundation (INOTEK) is a business incubator founded in January 17, 2008 to support the development of technology-based small and growing businesses. INOTEK was established on the strong belief that applicable and appropriate use of technology will provide economic benefits as well as positive social and environmental impacts to society. INOTEK reaches hundreds of technology-based entrepreneurs and strives to mobilize the critical support these enterprises need to grow into successful and scalable businesses.

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