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Ine Raisa Keliat

Manager Commercial SFP Strategy

During my first year, I already had experience working in West Java, South Sumatra, and the head office in Surabaya. I feel that all the assignments given to me have helped me grow both personally and professionally. My direct and indirect supervisors listen to me and consider my ideas even though I am new. I am always encouraged to speak up and keep my curiosity alive. Everyone, including higher-level managers, is open to sharing their knowledge.

Cecilia Christy Pranoto

Manager Business Unit

I always feel encouraged to share my perspectives and clearly describe my expectations, without worrying about not being heard. The system and processes had been designed in such a way as to support inclusion into our work environment. I was also fortunate to experience collaborations with diverse people across functions and even countries. I learned that diversity ensures we capture all possible views and escalate the outcomes to perfection.

Darmawan Satya Putra

Manager IT Commercial Service Delivery

In my nine years at Sampoerna, I continuously obtained the chance to leverage myself with never-ending learnings and opportunities. At Sampoerna, we are deeply passionate about our products, people, and customers; therefore, this company always offers a balanced and challenging experience between IT technical and business acumen. I am trusted and given the space to deliver my projects and grow with my team.



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